Friday, October 22, 2010

Confrontation all the way

Confrontation all the way : Pharyngula: "'But is it true?', we ask, as if it matters.

The religious are the majority, we hear over and over again, and we need to be pragmatic and diplomatic in dealing with them.

'But is what they believe true?', we ask, and 'What do we gain by compromising on reality?'

Religion isn't the problem, they claim, it's only the extremists and zealots and weirdos. The majority of believers are moderates and even share some values with us.

'But is a moderate superstition true?', we repeat, and 'How can a myth be made more true if its proponents are simply calmer in stating it?'

I mean, it's nice and all that most Christians aren't out chanting 'God Hates Fags' and are a little embarrassed when some yokel whines that he didn't come from no monkey, but they still go out and quietly vote against gay and lesbian rights, and they still sit at home while their school boards set fire to good science."

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